Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 Stories I'm Reading - Recommended Reading for You

1. Are Paid Movie/Video Download Services destined to fail? This research says free, advertising-supported sites will win over AppleTV and Itunes-type pay-per-download services business in the long run
2. Your HTPC Network - This is a branch of the Home Theater Network site। It's fairly new, but has some good content
3. EStarling WiFi Photo Frame - If you don't want to make one like I did, you could always buy one of these digital photo frames.
4. Facing the Full Horror of Windows Vista - Some are having problems with Vista these days. Early adopters always get to deal with incompatibilities and problems like this.
5. How Not To Ship a Plasma TV - If you haven't seen it yet, check out this amazingly bad packing job for a TV.
6. Wireless USB Hub - I think I might have to check this out when it is available. Could be useful for a printer for instance to make the printer a networked, wireless printer.
7. Vista MCE's Webguide is Amazing - Okay, I'll admit it. I'm extremely jealous of the MCE users mostly because of this $18 add-on made by Doug Berrett. Webguide is of course an online TV guide where you can record shows on your MCE from an online TV guide. It also now allows you to stream TV, videos, music and DVD's from your MCE across the internet and to your windows mobile device – Very cool indeed. Ccarlin of the snapstream forums is working on some similar functionality that will transcode recorded TV shows from your BTV server across the internet, but it’s not quite ready for us to try out yet.

If you have any ideas of good links, let me know.