Saturday, May 19, 2007

Listen to Radio over the Net using NetRadio Plugin for Beyond Media

Do you want to play radio stations from around the world on your HTPC and be able to control that stations with nothing more than your TV remote? Do you have your HTPC in a room that gets a bad signal from your local radio station? Beyond Media has a plugin that does this and makes your Home Theater PC even more functional.

Back in February of 2005 a plugin called NetRadio was created by dkj1000 for Beyond Media. Since that time, the plugin was abandoned by the original developer with no further development. Since that time, snapstream user "radnelac" took the code and improved the interface including allowing the Beyond Media volume and playback controls to work from anywhere in Beyond Media. I began using the plugin and it is now one of my favorites.

You can add any number of online radio stations such as, and shoutcast. You can also add any radio station that broadcasts on the internet which means almost any radio station in your area and the world. To find a broadcast radio station, I recommend The Stream Center. With The StreamCenter you can search for radio stations by callsign or station name. Once you find a station you want to add, just copy the hyperlink to that station and follow the instructions in the video to add it. To find thumnails to use with the plugin, I just used google-image-search and searched for the name or callsign of the station.

You can read more about the plugin and download it from the snapstream forums. For a walk-through, click on the attached video file - you'll have to survive my narration but it will give you a general feel of this excellent plugin: