Wednesday, May 30, 2007

7 Stories I'm Reading

1 - Google Maps Street View & Mapplets - The new "street view" on goolge maps is pretty cool, but its kind of creepy too. Read the Google Blogoscoped detail overview and video or just go to google maps and check out street views yourself.

2 - Google Maps Street View invades privacy, exposes alien life - A funnier take on the new Google Maps feature on the Download Squad

3 - Are Canadian Telcos Exploiting “Do Not Copy” Rules To Sell More DVRs? - A must read for any DVR or HTPC user.

4 - Itunes 7.2 and 7.2 Plus now with less DRM - Great news for music lovers. Warning if any of you were considering uploading those non-drm'd Itunes songs, the files have your Itunes account information embedded inside the file.

5 - Is Microsoft intentionally delaying Vista Media Center Extenders just to sell Xbox 360's? My guess is - YES... In my opinion, the Xbox 360 is just too loud to be a good media extender.

6 - TNT & TBS will stream all of their original summer shows to the web - urner Broadcasting System’s TNT and TBS plan to stream all seven of their combined original summer series on their respective Websites. For the most part, they will be available the morning after they premiere on TV.

7 - A 50 Inch Plasma Rises from a wood floor in this master bedroom - Check out this awesome TV "lift". Very cool.