Friday, June 01, 2007

7 Stories I'm Reading

Happy Friday to Everyone!

1. DVR Viewers Push Ad Ratings Higher - USA Today is reporting on the affects of DVR viewers on the Nielsen ratings. The article says DVR watchers don't skip ads and so there is a 32% increase in ad watchers. I don't know about you, but I'm skipping most ads with a click of my remote using BeyondTV.
2. Blockbuster & Best Buy to Launch Movie Download Services - everyone seems to want to join in the fun.
3. Recorded TV Manager 2 - for you MCE users out there. This app allows you to move, copy, delete, and manage TV recordings with ease all from your remote control.
4.'s HD Streaming not so HD After All - still the best online video to date though...
5. How To Turn your wifi router into a repeater - per Lifehacker & Make. I wrote up a how-to back in January on How to use a second wrt54g router as an access point. I do this with my two routers at home.
6. How to Search Faces with Google Images - Pretty neat feature. This article explains how to search for photos of Paris Hilton as opposed to Paris France (if your so inclined :)
7. Find Local Digital Broadcast Stations - Floppyhead found which is a nice alternative to I no longer have to mess with antenna's though now that I use silicondust's HDHomeRun Dual QAM tuner.

While your here, check out my "beat the netflix throttle" post. It was mentioned on today - pretty exciting for this small-time blogger.