Friday, June 08, 2007

7 Friday Links

1 - Un-watermarking ITunes Plus - I don't think this is necessary, but for those of you who are paranoid....
2 - Lifehacker Top 10 Network Utilites - some of my favorite Network Utilities here
3 - Get Your DRM-Free Music From Warner While You Can - It won't last for long
4 - Who Knew That Fishermen Don't Know old Undersea Copper Cables from Important Undersea Fiber Optic Cables? funny story, but not...
5 - Inside the YouTube of Games - Kongregate is working to be the YouTube of games. I wrote about it in an earlier blog post here
6 - HTPC Media Center for $60 - Using Media Portal and an underpowered PC for watching divx/mp3's
7 - Updates on S1Digital CableCARD Enabled PC's - From Chris Lanier's Blog

Have a great weekend!
Don't forget you can find a Wii this weekend at CircuitCity and you can get DivxPro for free today.