Monday, June 04, 2007

How to Find a Wii Game Machine

NOTE: Check out the Gamestop Back-door link (at the bottom of this post) - this is how I found my Wii console finally.

I've finally decided to buy a Wii machine after playing several games with it. It just appeals to people of all ages and is a good game to add to a game room where we'll be hosting family and friends. Now that I've decided that, I am realizing how scarce these things really are. I can't for the life of me believe how difficult it is to find one over five months after Christmas 2006!

So the search for the elusive Wii begins. I've searched the stores in the KC metro area far and wide to no avail so I'm going to try to use technology to find one online.

1. I found a site called that tracks the Wii machine availablity online. Currently, there are no consoles online, but there are some Wii bundles if you are willing to pay for a bundle with the machine, several controlers and two extra games. I'm not, so I'll be watching this site for the next one selling for $250....

2. To track Wii's in stock on the web or using your mobile phone sms, go to Mobile Tracker

And if you hear of one for sell - let me know. Wii want one BAD! Okay, I know that was bad but I couldn't resist.

Some other resources to find Wii Consoles:
3. - For finding Wii's online
4. iTrackr - This seems to be a good way to find a Wii in a brick & mortar store
5. Wiiseeker - Good for finding an Wii auction in your region. Sometimes inaccurate

6. I found my Wii Console by using the gamestop "back-door" method. Here's how it works:


Back to that backdoor site for finding a Wii console at Gamestop.  I'm guessing most of you are finding Wii Consoles easier now, but if not here's how I found mine:

1. Enter the following hyperlink into your web browser - LINK

2. You should see a page like this one (screen-shot of my area)


You can see that even today, there are none in stock at Gamestops near me.  (it often does say more on the way so don't get too excited about that)

3. Now in your browser link, change the zip=64158 to your local zip code and hit ENTER

4. It should bring up a list of all the stores in your area ranked by closest to that zip code.  The second column will show if that store has any units in stock.

5. If you really want one and it shows a unit in stock.  Call the store - don't wait as they sell fast.  If they say there is one in stock head over there now - as I said the sell fast so go get one if you want one.

There you have it.  A call for some help from my readers on recommended Wii Games and a tip from me on how to find a Wii Console.  Happy Gaming and Have a Great Weekend!


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