Thursday, June 14, 2007

Four Ways to Track Statistics On Your Flickr Photos

I'm a regular Flickr user and have been trying out different ways to track page views and statistics on Flickr. Since Flickr doesn't have anything built-in to show you page views of your flickr stream, I've found several unique solutions. Here are four ways you can track your statistics in Flickr.

1. Track Total Pageviews with Statr - Statr for Flickr allows you to track and plot page views statistics for your Flickr account. You have to submit your flickr photostream to statr, allow statr access to your account and within 24 hours, graphs begin to be automatically updated each day. You can link to this graph from external websites as well just like the one below. Nico Tranquilli authored this app using the flickr api and based this on another excellent flickr app called Group Trackr, (I previously had said this was based on Groupr which was incorrect - it was Group Trackr - thanks to Dario for correcting me on that). I've been working on this blog post for the past week, but Lifehacker beat me to the punch since they wrote a quick write-up on Statr today.
The left graph is from my photostream and the right one is from Nico's (who has some great photos you shuld check out by the way. Nico's has been set up for a while now so you can see what it looks like with a full month of data. As you can see, if you are a flickr user that gets many views on your photostream, this can be a really useful graph.
For More on Statr and to setup your flickr photostream account go HERE

2. Track Views of Individual Photos with

I use for my weblog and also for certain of my photos that get many views. To use for your photos, you have to drop the code from the site
into a comment of the photo. After that, you will see the number of users viewing that photo at that time. See the photo to the left and the counter at the bottom in the comments. That shows that there are two people viewing that photo at that given time. You can also view past views by clicking on the icon to see views by hour, day, month or year. One other use for this widget is to put it in your flickr profile page. Now you can track views of your flickr profile.

This is a great widget for your weblog too, but many others have written about that such as this write-up by TechCrunch

3. Track Flickr Statistics Using a Technorati Feed. You can track who is blogging your photos, talking about your photos and linking to your photo flickrstream by setting up a technorati search feed. Do a search on technorati for your flickrstream and it should result in an RSS feed icon in your browser address bar. Subscribe to that feed and it will track everything through Technorati. For more on how this is done, go to

4. Use the Flickr Views Firefox Greasemonkey Script

Using Firefox and Greasemonkey, you can add the FlickrViews script to track the increase in number of views on your Flickr photostream, and average views per photo.
Here's what the script shows you:
2,518 photos (0) / 4,124 views (+0) Average: 1.64

  • The 2,518 is the number of photos of course
  • The first (0) is the number of photos added since you last refreshed your page
  • The 4,124 views is the total number of views in your photostream
  • The secend (+0) is the increase in views since the last time you refreshed your page
  • Lastly, the Average: 1.64 is the average number of views per photo in your photostream

Here's How to set up the FlickrViews greasemonkey script:

  1. To use this get firefox if you haven't already by clicking here
  2. Get greasemonkey for firefox
  3. Install the script by clicking here
  4. Now go to Tools - Greasemonkey - Manage User Scripts in Firefox
  5. Change the preferences of "Flickr Views Tracker", and change it to be your flickr photostream, under "Included Pages"
  6. Close and re-open the Firefox browser
  7. You should now be set. Now when you go to your flickrstream
    you should see the extra stats at the top right of the page - something like this:

There you have it, four different ways to keep track of your flickr photostream. Until Flickr adds the feature to track statistics, these should help fill the void for now.
As always please feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments
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