Thursday, June 14, 2007

Find Post Office Boxes and Pickup Times with Mailbox Map

Do you have mail that you need to get to its destination as soon as possible? Want to find the post office box (you know the blue boxes) that has the latest pickup time for a certain day? The best solution for this is Mailbox Map.

I first mentioned this site in my "Beat Netflix Throttle" article for when you want to get a netflix movie in the mail on a Saturday so you need to find the latest pickup for a nearby post office box. To find the latest drop-off postal box near you, use Mailbox Map (similar to Mailbox Locator highlighted at Lifehacker) - This site lets you search by address and then shows a google map with a list of all post office mailboxes near you with the various pickup times. Using this site, I can find a mailbox that picks up at 3:30pm and another at 5:00 pm on a Saturday.
On the left side of the screen you type in your zip code and it brings up a google map with each post office mailbox marked. At the right is a listing of each nearby mailbox with the address and pickup times.

Now you know how to track down those mail boxes - go mail that letter.
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