Monday, June 11, 2007

Make Any Itunes Song DRM Free

Now that Itunes 7.2 Plus has been released there has been a lot of excitement about the new DRM-free music available from the Itunes store. I've tried these "Plus" music tracks out and really like the non-DRM trend. Still, the majority of tracks on Itunes are still ladden with DRM so for those of you who want to have uncrippled music tracks there is a solution.

The Hymm Project has been constantly working on a program that strips all Itunes-purchased music files of its annoying DRM with ease. I reported on this before the latest 7.2 version of Itunes and now it is possible with 7.2 as well. All you need to do to uncripple those purchased itunes tracks (music and audio books) is to download the QTFairUse6 windows program from here, download the latest CFG (configuration file) from the same link and put that CFG file in your QTFairUse6 directory. Once installed, you can process all protected files in your iTunes library or process just certain itunes files. It also has an option to backup your current itunes libarary index files before starting.

It's easy and it works. Why do this? The reason I would do this is to be able to listen to the music I purchase from Itunes on non, apple-friendly devices. I don't share the music and you shouldn't either. Once Apple and the music companies free all tracks from DRM, this of course won't be necessary.