Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Blogger Hack: Monitor Submissions From Your Site to Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Furl and StumbleUpon

If you have a website or blog you know how much digg, reddit, stumbleupon and the other social networking sites can have a great impact on the number of visitors to your site. Because of this, you want to know when someone submits a story from your blog to one of these social networking sites. Here's how to monitor the major social networking sites for submitted posts from your site:
  1. Digg & Reddit: Was This Site submitted to Digg and/or Reddit? This Yahoo Pipe will let you know in one RSS feed called Social Site Submission Watchdog

  2. Monitor to see if your site was submitted to delicious using the following link: and changing the "" to your site's url and subscribe to the RSS feed.

  3. Furl: Use the search for your site's url and subscribe to the RSS feed.

  4. StumbleUpon: For StumbleUpon I haven't found a good way of subscribing to an RSS feed so I use the non-official Stumbleupon Search created using Google Coop. Alternatively you could just do a google search using: "" in the google search box. Just change "" to your site's url.