Friday, July 27, 2007

Must Read: Stories I'm Reading

It's been a while since I've done the link thing since I've been busy with work, vacation and well blogging. So anyway, here's some links to good blog posts from around the net I've been reading recently:
  1. 4 Step DIY Wine Glass Photo Frames - Yes these are a bit corny, but at the same time fun! Photojojo

  2. Online Swaps: 8 Sites to Swap Your Stuff - Trade Stuff online Mashable!

  3. Find Garage Sales in Your Zip Code - Brad Linder shows you how to go garage sale hunting the geeks way! Download Squad

  4. A Fully Upgradeable Notebook PC by Asus - If only Laptops were more upgradeable like desktops are... by Uneasysilence

  5. Subtitle Editor for Google Video - A neat app called Subtitle Horse is discussed by Google Blogoscoped

  6. DRM-Free MP3s Coming to Yahoo, Urge - More DRM-Free goodness by Digital Media Thoughts

  7. Add Tags to Your Outlook Email Messages - Amit over at Digital Inspiration shows us how to make Outlook a little more like gmail.