Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Digg Hack: Find The Popular Digg Stories Before They Hit Front Page

Want to find the stories that are just beginning to gain popularity, but before they hit Digg? Russ Virante has developed a digg tool using the digg.com API to filter through the most recent 500 stories based on the minimum number of diggs received. This way you can catch the likely-to-be-hot stories before they hit the front page. This is a great way to find the stories that are already getting a high number of diggs, but before they are considered popular.

You can select the filter level to select the level of filter you want to use - the higher the filter (further to the right) you select, the more "recent" diggs it requires to be on the noisefilter page. You can also turn on or off the automatic page refresh. If this is on, it will refresh the list every minute or so.


Digg Noise Filter

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