Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get Your Free Full Length Movies at Google Video?

moviereel Its not talked about all that much, but for a while now there have been a pretty significant number of full-length feature movies available for you to watch streamed online for free with little or no fear of getting in trouble (like you can with torrents for example.)  Where are these movies you ask?  The answer might surprise you.  Right on one of the most well known and popular video sites called Google Video.



Wired just put out a post that highlights this fact and it has been getting some love too.  So I kind of doubt this will continue too long before Google works a little harder to get these out of reach from their site at least.  Still, as of right now there are well over 300 full-length movies including many feature films just released like The Bourne Ultimatum, Shrek the Third and Knocked Up just to name a few.  To see examples of these pirated movies & tv shows search for "millionmoviesdownload" in the title

If you want to see a long listing of these, check out this PDF put out by the National Legal & Policy Center who is lobbying Congress to get this to stop the movie "sharing."


To take a peek, head over to Google Video while their still there.

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