Monday, September 24, 2007

Tivo DVR Alert - New Premiers for the Week

twc Fire up those Tivo's and DVR's. 




Here's a list of all the TV premiers (new and returning) for this week:

Premier Date Day Show Name New? Network
9/24/2007 Monday Dancing With The Stars    (ABC)
9/24/2007 Monday Bachelor    (ABC)
9/24/2007 Monday ** The Big Bang Theory  NEW (CBS)
9/24/2007 Monday CSI:Miami    (CBS)
9/24/2007 Monday How I Met Your Mother    (CBS)
9/24/2007 Monday Rules of Engagement    (CBS)
9/24/2007 Monday Two and a Half Men    (CBS)
9/24/2007 Monday ** Chuck  NEW (NBC)
9/24/2007 Monday ** Journeyman  NEW (NBC)
9/24/2007 Monday Heroes    (NBC)
9/24/2007 Monday Real Time with Bill Maher   (HBO)
9/25/2007 Tuesday Boston Legal    (ABC)
9/25/2007 Tuesday ** Cane  NEW (CBS)
9/25/2007 Tuesday NCIS    (CBS)
9/25/2007 Tuesday The Unit    (CBS)
9/25/2007 Tuesday ** Reaper  NEW (CW)
9/25/2007 Tuesday Bones    (FOX)
9/25/2007 Tuesday House    (FOX)
9/25/2007 Tuesday ** The Singing Bee  NEW (NBC)
9/25/2007 Tuesday Law & Order: SVU    (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Dirty Sexy Money  NEW (ABC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Private Practice  NEW (ABC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Criminal Minds    (CBS)
9/26/2007 Wednesday CSI:NY    (CBS)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Bionic Woman  NEW (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday ** Life  NEW (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Deal or no Deal    (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Life    (NBC)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Ghost Hunters    (SCIFI)
9/26/2007 Wednesday Haunted    (SCIFI)
9/27/2007 Thursday Ugly Betty    (ABC)
9/27/2007 Thursday ** Big Shots  NEW (ABC)
9/27/2007 Thursday Grey’s Anatomy    (ABC)
9/27/2007 Thursday CSI: Crime Scene Investigations   (CBS)
9/27/2007 Thursday Without a Trace    (CBS)
9/27/2007 Thursday Smallville    (CW)
9/27/2007 Thursday My Name is Earl    (NBC)
9/27/2007 Thursday The Office    (NBC)
9/27/2007 Thursday ER    (NBC)
9/28/2007 Friday ** Moonlight  NEW (CBS)
9/28/2007 Friday Ghost Whisperer    (CBS)
9/28/2007 Friday Numb3rs    (CBS)
9/28/2007 Friday Deal or no Deal    (NBC)
9/28/2007 Friday Las Vegas    (NBC)
9/28/2007 Friday Stargate Atlantis    (SCIFI)
9/29/2007 Saturday 48 Hours Mysteries    (CBS)
9/30/2007 Sunday Brothers & Sisters    (ABC)
9/30/2007 Sunday Desperate Housewives    (ABC)
9/30/2007 Sunday Extreme Makeover: Home Edition    (ABC)
9/30/2007 Sunday American Dad    (FOX)
9/30/2007 Sunday Brotherhood    (SHOWTIME)
9/30/2007 Sunday Dexter    (SHOWTIME)


For the full listing check out the original post on the new, Fall 2007 Television Season

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