Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Printable's - Masks, Toys, Projects, Origami and More

gtpumpkin8 As Halloween grows near, I've highlighted several Halloween projects and ideas.  Today, I'm highlighting several free, Halloween Printable's you can find on the net:





1.  Printable Halloween Masks - A collection of printable Halloween Masks including some masquerade-style masks


2. Celebrity & Parody Masks - Putin, Fred Thompson, Britney Spears, Ron Paul, Obama Barak and more masks to print for free at NewsGroper


3. Make a Mask with a Picture - How to take a picture and turn it into a mask via Lifehacker

4. Printable Star Wars Masks - Some decent-looking Star Wars Character masks via Lifehacker

5. Cool Halloween Printable Masks, Toys, Games and more all for free - At Ray O'Bannon's there is a large collection of free, but very nice printable Halloween papercraft. 


6. A Pocket Monster, Excellent Printable Masks and more!

pocketskeleton mask3

7. For some Halloween Coloring Pages for the kids, check out Parenting's site here.


8. Halloween Origami Printables - Courtesy of Vicky Blackwell

9. More Origami Printables - at Activity Village

10. Halloween Stationary - Courtesy of Vicky Blackwell

11. A Papercraft Pumpkin and Witch - Courtesy of yamaha motors


12. Witch Pop-Up - on robertsabuda

13. Mechanical (Paper) Witch - on


14. Printable Skull with a moving Jaw - via skulladay and


15. A Zero, Sam Hain, Grim Reaper and a Frankenstein Jr. all free printable's via Papercraft


16. has some nice printable's including a Halloween tree, jack-o-lantern, witches hat and broom, and an impressive diorama


17. Some Halloween Toys at


18. Jack-O-Lantern Patterns - A collection of over 30 different Pumpkin Carving Patterns

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