Friday, November 02, 2007

TIVO DVR Alert - Amazing Race 12 Premiers Sunday

One new show this weekend that reality show fans will be excited about.  The Amazing Race is returning this Sunday on CBS.  It's replacing the unloved Viva Laughlin that was canceled after only two episodes aired.

If you're an Amazing Race fan you'll be happy to see this season 12 come much earlier than previously planned (originally not scheduled until January 2008).  This season's Amazing Race will be shorter than those in the past and will not include any non-elimination legs.

Here's a photo of the contestants from this season of the Amazing Race:


Set your Tivo's and DVR's to record the Amazing Race at 8pm ET / 7pm CT.  Note that in most TV guides it will be labeled as "The Amazing Race 12" so you might need to add it manually if your last recording was set up to record "Amazing Race 11" like mine was.

If you're an Amazing Race Fan, Check out the Amazing Race Season 12 Map

Shows coming soon on TV include Project Runway (11/14), The Battlestar Galactica Razor Movie (11/24) and The Cashmere Mafia (11/27).  Other than that its all Football for me for a while.