Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lost Without New TV Shows? Some New Ones You Should Watch

Writers Strike TV "Alternatives": Part 2 New Shows on TV to Watch

(Part 1 of this series was about Netflix Watch Instantly)

As many of you know, I've been maintaining a listing of TV shows and the episodes each of those shows have remaining.  I'm updating that list each day and then separate any shows with no episodes remaining into a "deadpool" list.  While that list is a bit depressing if you like TV, there is still plenty of good TV left to watch.  Earlier this week Zatz addressed "what to watch" and with the new season of Lost beginning this week, I wanted to follow up and mention my list of shows worth watching.


Lost - Lost returns for a new season this week.  ABC is rerunning last season's two-hour finale Wednesday night (January 29th) at 9pm Eastern, in "enhanced" format (think of VH1's Pop-Up Video) with text and other sorts of info on part of the screen.  Then on Thursday night at 8pm Eastern, there will be a one-hour review of all past seasons called "Lost: Past, Present & Future" that is supposedly going to enlightened even fans of the show although I kind of doubt that...  Then, Thursday at 9pm Eastern, finally a new episode of Lost.

Eli Stone - a quirky lawyer drama that looks interesting - especially with not much else on these days.  It premiers Thursday on ABC right after Lost at 10PM Eastern.

Monk - If you aren't bored with the excellent show Monk yet, there are plenty of fresh episodes of Monk running.

Psych - While you're at it, USA has plenty of new episodes of Psych running as well.  Yes its a little hokey, but its a fun and entertaining show and... well their new episodes.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - I've watched the first two episodes of this one and it's good - real good.  Especially if you were a Firefly fan (Summer Glau) or a Sci Fi fan.  The next episode airs Monday, February 4th at 8pm Eastern.  If you missed any of the first three episodes or so, watch Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles online at Fox's Full Episode Player.

Jericho - Jericho returns for a second season and if you watch nothing else, watch this one.  You can catch up from the first season by watching it online at CBS, renting the DVD's at Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon Unbox, Apple iTunes, .  Alternatively, the Sci Fi Channel bought rerun rights to season one and two of Jericho and will air four episodes from the first season on February 11th.  Then on February 12th, the second season of Jericho Begins.

You can check out the full list of Winter 08 TV Premiers I compiled at the beginning of January.  And don't forget to go outside or read a book.  Stepping away from that TV or computer once and a while is a good thing :)