Monday, February 25, 2008

MP3Tag Gets Update

C:\Documents and Settings\evansba\Application Data\Flickr\Flickr Uploadr\Profiles\uk94y9w9.default\images\banner-thumb.gifMp3Tag, my favorite MP3 tagging application released an update to version 2.4 this past Friday.  This latest update brings the following

  • A completely redesigned tag sources dialog
  • New action types (for exporting and importing)
  • Loading and saving of column configurations and selection state of action groups
  • Improved support for Vista
  • Improved support for iTunes
  • Many more changes and bug fixes listed at their website

I've talked about Mp3Tag before including last week when I showed how to use Mp3Tag to automatically embed album art to your MP3 collection and last year with my how-to-use Mp3Tag post.


Read more and download Mp3Tag.