Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SageTV HD Extender - Back in Stock

  Shortly after it's debut, the SageTV HD Extender that I reviewed this past December sold out.  I don't know how many people purchased them in December, but based on the number of forum members commenting at the SageTV forums I'm guessing it was a lot.  Today, the SageTV HD Extenders are back in stock.  You can purchase the extender by itself for $199.95 plus shipping or as a bundle that includes the extender and a copy of the Windows, SageTV Media Center software for $249.95 ($29.95 savings).

This new batch of HD Extenders include the new faceplates that solved the IR problems some users were experiencing so the only significant issue has been solved and these units should be some of the best HTPC extenders on the market.

I'm very tempted to buy one for myself.  I really liked the review unit when I tested it in December (gave it away via ZNF) so it's going to be difficult to resist.  Maybe the wife wouldn't notice :)  (except she reads this blog too).  UPDATE: COULDN'T RESIST - I BOUGHT ONE - SHELLY, I USED MY BIRTHDAY CASH I PROMISE :)


Purchase the SageTV HD Extender or Bundle at the SageTV store.

Note:  The SageTV HD extender only works with SageTV.  It does not work with Vista Media Center, MythTV or any other HTPC software.  More information on SageTV can be found at the SageTV Website.