Saturday, March 01, 2008

Week In Review - Week Ended 03/01/2008

Here's a quick wrap-up from the past two weeks posts...

  • Star Wars Explained - by a 3-Year Old

    Everyone's probably already seen Star Wars right?  Well even if you have, you must watch this video of a preschooler explaining the finer points of Star Wars.  It's just too cute and too " geek-tonic " not to post Found via Geek Parenting & Wired

  • SageTV HD Extender - Back in Stock

      Shortly after it's debut, the SageTV HD Extender that I reviewed this past December sold out.  I don't know how many people purchased them in December, but based on the number of forum members commenting at the SageTV forums I'm guessing it was a lot.  Today, the SageTV HD Extenders…

  • Wii Twilight Hack Detailed for Homebrew and Emulators

    If you've been following the Nintendo Wii news you might already know that some inventive folks have come up with a way to allow homebrew games as well as emulators on the Nintendo Wii using a copy of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game.        

  • Home Theater for When I Win the Lottery

    Let's say I win the lottery.  Not just a little jackpot, but a really big one.  Well if that happens, this is the home theater I might want to put in my mansion.  It's cost is about $6 Million and includes a gigantic, Snowmatte laboratory-grade screen, Sony ultra-high-resolution…

  • MP3Tag Gets Update

    Mp3Tag , my favorite MP3 tagging application released an update to version 2.4 this past Friday.  This latest update brings the following A completely redesigned tag sources dialog New action types (for exporting and importing) Loading and saving of column configurations and selection state of…

  • Skip Commercials With a Press of a Button - HTPC How To

    One of the most popular features for most HTPC users that you can't do with a cable-box DVR or Tivo is commercial detection and skipping.  It is this one feature alone that helped me convince my family that connecting our computer to our Television was a good idea. 

  • Hymn Project Website Gets Cease and Desist Note from Apple

    If you've ever used the myFairTunes or QTFairTunes programs to strip DRM from Apple's FairPlay DRM or Windows Media DRM, then you're probably familiar with the Hymn Project Web site.  This past week, the site received a cease and desist letter demanding that all downloads be removed…

  • Sharper Image Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    I remember getting excited every time I got a new Sharper Image catalog in the mail as a kid.  The inner gadget geek in me always dreamed of owning those too-expensive, but too-cool gadgets that Sharper Image always hawked.  Well today the retailer filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection citing…

  • Spring 2008 TV Updates from the Major TV Networks

    I've updated the " writers strike update" TV list with all of the latest post-strike updates.  All of the major TV networks have released their revised, winter/spring 2008 Television schedules and there is plenty of good news for you TV addicts. 

  • Automatically Embed Album Art to Large MP3 Collection

    If you are like me you have a large collection of MP3 music files on your hard drive.  Some of my MP3's were converted from places like iTunes and Amazon, while others were ripped from my CD collection and others came from all over the place.