Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beyond TV Beta - Get The Next Release Features Now

Snapstream, makers of the excellent Beyond TV Software-Based PVR application have been busier than ever with their latest consumer PVR beta.  You can join in the fun with the next release of Beyond TV, version 4.8.2 if you like to be on the cutting edge or if any of the included new features/improvements interest you:

  • Much faster library and scheduler
  • Ajax-style, scrollable Couchville-style program guide in the web interface (see screenshot above for an example).  Note that Couchville was a very popular TV Guide site by Snapstream that they pulled and have now included with all licensed copies of BeyondTV (beta only for now).
  • Many additional web interface improvements including cosmetic improvements/style changes of recorded shows and task queue pages
  • Update DivX and H.264 encoders
  • Automatic HD ShowSqueeze exposed by default
  • RSS Feeds and Downloads Have optional http basic security
  • DivX and H.264 encoders have been updated
  • Separated SD and HD ShowSqueeze profiling and exposed Automatic HD ShowSqueeze
  • Library Folders now have permissions attached (you can block/allow groups from using specific folders). Good for parental control, or for separating one users shows from the other.
  • Improved guide searching performance and functionality including new flags such as Is:Movie, Is:New, Is:Pilot
  • Faster recorded shows screen in the ViewScape
  • A new "archive all cc data" option
  • Continued tweaking/improving of the H.264 profiles - especially for the support of the HD-PVR (currently in testing/improving mode since the HD-PVR is still in infancy)

Snapstream is asking for anyone interested to join in the testing fun with the Beyond TV 4.8.2 beta.  You can sign-up  and you’ll be able to immediately download & test the most recent public beta version of BTV.

The current private beta of Beyond TV is also running and supports recording unencrypted QAM (aka clear QAM) on Hauppauge devices such as the HVR-1600, HVR-1800, HVR-950Q, HVR-1250, and HVR-1950.  Unlike the public beta, the private beta requires that you apply for the private beta program.  Snapstream is looking for private beta testers with the above QAM devices - if interested, e-mail with the subject line “I want to test Beyond TV with QAM”.