Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hack Netflix Watch-Now To Work on 4+ Computers

If you're a heavier user of Netflix's streaming movie service "Watch Now", you may have run into the Netflix-imposed restriction of three computers maximum.  If you attempt to install and use Netflix Watch-Now on a fourth computer you will most likely get an error telling you to contact customer service to get another "key."  This hack has been around on the forums for a while now, but Tech-Recipes today posted the simple how-to on getting around this restriction without needing to contact Netflix Customer Support.

Why Would You Need This On More Than 3 PC's?

If your wondering how one would ever need to use Netflix Watch Now on more than three computers then consider this scenario.  I have three HTPCs at home, one laptop from work that goes with me everywhere, my daughters laptop and my wife's laptop.  Any of those computers are likely to access Netflix Watch-Now at any time to pick up a show or movie.

Registry Hack and Instructions

The workaround for this is pretty simple involving a registry hack and a few additional steps.  Check it out at Tech-Recipes.com.  I've tried it on a fourth PC and it worked perfectly.


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