Monday, June 09, 2008

SageTV Mobile Web Interface Development


I use SageTV as my Home Theater PC software that runs all TV, DVR, Movie-Server, Music-Server and other media for my entire home.  When I’m away from home I control SageTV using the excellent, user-developed SageTV Web Interface – a powerful web-based tool that allows access to SageTV across the web.  But as I’ve begun to move my web browsing more-and-more to mobile devices such as my blackberry curve and my daughters iTouch, I’ve longed for a way to bring that excellent interface capability to my mobile devices. 

Now there is a way to do just that with the SageTV Mobile Web Interface.  It’s being developed by Jason, a SageTV user.  The mobile interface is currently in early alpha stage and not integrated completely with the SageTV Web Interface, but it’s current version is very functional and looks great on my blackberry.  If you’re wanting to try it out and help test and provide feedback, you’re welcome to check it out in the SageTV Mobile Interface thread on the SageTV forums.  Full instructions that I’m updating regularly can be found in this post.

Current Features Include:

  • Easy to browse (from mobile device) pages for the basic pages on the web interface
  • Compatibility with iPhone, iTouch, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc
  • Cross-Platform compatible

Below are a few sneak-preview screen-shots of the interface as it looks like on a standard mobile phone.  Lots should change in the days and months to come, but currently what we have is an easy-to-read, integrated mobile interface where you can set up recordings, view the TV Guide (as customized for your HTPC at home) and view your upcoming recordings and favorites.

SageTV MobileSageTV Mobile2SageTV Mobile3

Future Mobile-Friendly possibilities we would like to see (no guarantees of course) include:

  • Easier navigation of the TV Guide (go forward or backwards a certain number of hours/days in the guide.)
  • Further integration of the Movies and Music functions found in the web interface – pushed to the mobile interface.
  • Streaming capability for video, music and photos

Check out the SageTV Mobile Interface Thread