Sunday, July 27, 2008

SageTV Theme Spotlight Episode 1

As a SageTV user one of the comments I get from folks that have a Home Theater PC, but don’t use SageTV is that its nice, very functional and powerful, but sort of a “ugly duckling” of the HTPC world.  And while many SageTV users are very happy with the built-in SageTV user interface, I have to admit that I’m not a fan of the “look” that you get when you first install SageTV.  Today I’m beginning a series of screen-casts that highlight the various different looks you can give your SageTV right now.
This first one is a combination of the CenterStage Theme and a layout called the “Horizontal V Dip.”  The combination makes a very different look that works great on both my wide-screen LCD television as well as my lowly 19 inch television set in the bedroom.  Rather than telling you more about it, I present to you episode one of the SageTV Theme Spotlight:
Music in the screen-cast is by CosmogenesisRecordings at:
This music was discovered at and is released under a Creative Commons licence

Read more and download this theme here:
CenterStage SageMC Theme by Bialio on the SageTV Forums
Horizontal V Dip Layout by Jason (aka GeoGecko on the SageTV Forums)

Want to learn more about SageMC and the customized looks you can give it?  Check out this post