Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DivX Connected DSM-330 More Video Format Support Now - Hulu & Veoh Coming Soon

A few weeks ago I reviewed the DivX Connected DSM-330 and one of the biggest drawbacks of the device was that it only let you play DivX video files by default.  Expected to be released with version 1.4 (not yet released) of the DSM-330 update is support for flash with sound (swf files) and possibly Hulu & Veoh support.  Just the support for Hulu will make this box much more popular.  if in the meantime you want to get support for other non-DivX files you can do it.
D-Link DSM-330
I’ve been told that other formats will be officially supported eventually, but if you want to get all of those other video files to work with your DSM-330 there is a way.  I, being the geek that I am tried out the hack that allows other video formats to work on the DivX Connected player.
I though for sure this would be a fairly easy process so one Saturday I headed over to kamiwa’s site to see how he did it.  Well after several hours of painstaking following the instructions I did in fact get MP4, WMV, MPA, Mpeg1, Mpeg2, MKV, MOV, TS, VOB and more formats working.  It wasn’t really all that easy, it involves using an XML file to tell the server PC the decoder and to re-encode the files on-the-fly to DivX.  Kudos to the guys who came up with this solution and to Kamiwa for putting it all down for us in instructions.  But it is definitely more difficult than I would prefer.
Another issue you could run into is that the re-encoding process puts a pretty decent strain on your server PC.  The more powerful CPU on your server PC, the better performance you’ll have.  Regardless, the DSM-330 is a decent player, but most of us will need to do some hacking to get it to work with all of our content.
Read Kamiwa’s site for complete, detailed instructions on multiple file-format support for DSM-330

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