Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Voice Your Opinion: What's the best PVR software?


EngadgetHD knows how to start an active topic with lots of varying opinions – just ask the readers what the best HTPC (they worded it PVR) software is.  HTPC enthusiasts are a loud and well – enthusiastic bunch and the post that went up today is already pretty full of comments.
Head over to EngadgetHD and put in your opinion – I know you have one ;)

And feel free to tell me your choice in the comments below - I'm interested in what the GeekTonic readers are using for their PVR be it an HTPC software program, Tivo, CableBox or VCR....

I’m working on a comparison matrix of the major HTPC software programs for a future post so hopefully that will help someone going through the decision process of choosing a HTPC software program.