Saturday, August 09, 2008

Monitor additions to Netflix Watch-Now Shows with New RSS Feeds

Netflix RSS
It might turn out to be a source of frustration given how few, newer movies are released by Netflix to their streaming, Watch-Now service, but Netflix is now providing several new RSS that let you track new additions to their Watch-Now service as well as popular titles you can stream.
Netflix now has the following new RSS Feeds:
New Watch-Now Titles
Top all time choices to watch now
Last week's top choices to watch now
Last 3 month's top choices to watch now

I've been using the service using SageTV's excellent plugin which monitors new titles without the RSS feed and most of my Watch-Now viewing has been with television shows such as the Office. 


To give you an idea of the typical watch-now movie (not tv shows) on the service check out the latest additions - I'm not saying any of these are bad movies since I've not seen a single one of them, but they certainly don't seem to be new or well known:

Check out the list below and you'll find that like me, most people using the service are catching up on television shows that are on Watch-Now.  Here's the top all-time watch-now titles:
I found it funny that on the most watch watch-now titles from the past 3 months, Kama-Sutra: The Secrets to the Art of Love made the list.  I guess without newer movies in the list, folks will migrate towards the how-to videos...

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