Monday, September 08, 2008

Time for a New Media Server PC

Right at the end of a very busy travel week with no break before getting back to work, I came home to my Home Theater Server PC that was showing multiple signs of dying.

I knew it was almost time for a new one, but had been holding out replacing the old Dell, single-core workhorse for another few months or so.  Seriously, a dying HTPC right as the new Fall TV season is beginning is not a good situation - and not one the wife will let me forget mind you
Multiple errors including a failing motherboard forced a change.
I had already purchased a nice PC case and Power Supply Unit at a great discount, but coveted a quad-core CPU and decent motherboard both of which were not in my current-month budget.  Well this weekend I purchased the parts I needed and began putting it all together.
I now have a very powerful HTPC to serve the spiderweb of HTPC's and extenders in my house that I'm quite pleased with.  
It's not entirely complete, but very close - already recording new content.

I'll share many of the details of the setup with you soon and hopefully now be able to get back to the many posts I've had half-complete for multiple weeks.  It's a lot easier to blog about your HPTC when it's not sickly all the time.