Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Apple Day - The iPod Touch I Want to See

 We'll see lots of buzz on the web with the Apple "event" today.  Rumors of new, redesigned iPods and possible updates to iTunes (I think this one is less likely) have been swirling across the internet the past week or so.  I usually don't join in until the announcement is made, but this time I'm actually looking forward to one of the possibilities from this one.

When Apple has their announcement today, one of their expected announcements is the rumored, redesigned (slightly), iPod Touch.  I'm most interested in a new iPod Touch as I love the one I bought for my daughter and really want one for myself instead of an iPhone (the Blackberry Curve is the perfect phone for me thank you very much).

Here's my guess on the iPod Touch Redesign:
  • Cheaper Price & More Memory (currently $299 for 8GB in US)
  • Will match the new, 3G iPhone in Appearance and Thickness
  • The new Firmware Upgrade Included in the price
Here's some other features I'd like to see on the iPod Touch that I doubt we'll see:
  • Camera Built In???  This is a long-shot (read very unlikely) guess, but I'd like to see it
  • GPS built In (man I hope this happens - but don't hold your breath)
  • Radio (yeah I know it'll never happen cause it's not Apple's way)
What's your guess for today's announcement?  Let me know in the comments