Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Automatically Cut Commercials with BeyondTV VideoReDo Plugin

One of the nice features of BeyondTV is that they have packaged commercial skipping (they call it smartskip) into their PVR software.  Because of this the vast majority of BeyondTV users never install a third-party commercial skipping software with BeyondTV.  Still, there are those who want a little more than the built-in features.  This month BeyondTV forum member “razormoon” released a plugin called “BTV RedoSkip” that integrates the excellent VideoReDo program with BeyondTV
BTV RedoSkip includes the following features:
  • Automatically Detect commercials using VideoReDo behind the scenes
  • Automatically removes those commercials and outputs commercial-free videos
I haven’t tried this myself, but sounds like a really nice plugin.  Commercial free TV – with literally no commercials taking up the hard drive space.  You really have to trust the commercial detection to do this, but if its working accurately this definitely is a nice add-on!
Check out the Snapstream Forums for more information about BTV RedoSkip and the download