Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coverflow View for SageTV - iMovies Add-On

SageTV users have a new way to display their movies today.  A plugin made by SageTV forum member “jvl711” called iMovies brings a redesigned Movie/Video interface that looks and works much like the Apple Coverflow interface.  It’s an early beta version so definitely not in it’s finished form, but worth trying out.
The SageMC user interface is required for this plugin to work.

This first screen-shot is the basic user interface for iMovies.  It works much like the coverflow interface although the animation is not yet as good.

This next screen-shot shows the alpha search bar at the bottom.  This provides a way to quickly browse through a larger collection and jump-to a title that begins with a certain letter.
There is also a way to drill-down by genre, group etc.

Read more about iMovies at SageTV forums