Friday, November 14, 2008

SageTV 6.5.1 Beta Released - EVR Support and HDPVR placeshifting Included!

Fridays.  Any Home Theater PC junkie knows that most betas arrive on a Friday night when most of the crowd is out doing something fun.  Well to stick with that Friday theme, SageTV put out their latest beta tonight with some nice improvements and new features for SageTV users including HD-PVR placeshifting and EVR support among other things to get their customers excited. Below is a abreviated, list of the major SageTV New Features/Updates:

SageTV has many updates for the Windows, Linux and Mac versions:
  • Hauppauge HD-PVR transcoding now works in SageTV for file compression and placeshifting
  • PID filtering for the HDHomeRun dual-QAM tuner for all all platforms
  • Support for Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) for windows version.  If SageTV detects that EVR exists, it automatically displays as an option in SageTV (read more about EVR support here)
  • Added support in Windows version for Kworld DVB-T PCI-160-2T dual tuner support
  •  Fixed transcoding to AppleTV/iPhone formats for Windows version 
  • Added support for Hauppauge HD-PVR S/PDIF input in Linux Version (already available in Windows Version)
  • Hauppauge HD-PVR playback for Mac is now supported (recording is still experimental, and not in the builds yet) NOTE: HDPVR in Windows & Linux already working in past versions of SageTV

Placeshifter, the SageTV solution for connecting to your SageTV htpc from over the LAN at home or across the internet from any location (work, school, travel, etc) and placeshifting all of your media (Live & recorded TV, Movies, Music, Photos etc) all from the same user interface you use on your home SageTV.  Placeshifter hasn't had a major update for a while now so this is a very welcome refresh - especially with the h.264 (Hauppauge HD-PVR) support!
  • Hauppauge HD-PVR placeshifting playback is now supported!!!!
  • Major improvement to bandwidth utilization for placeshifter streaming
  • Updated bandwidth detection code for placeshifter to force transcoding in the situation when you're under 10Mbps & not on the same LAN (standard limit is 2Mbps, but many have connections beyond this now)
  • Optimized initial bandwidth detection in the placeshifter so it does multiple test with more advanced statistics to choose the best initial bandwidth estimate.
  • Major reduction in placeshifter connection setup time
  • Misc bug fixes
There is also an updated firmware for the HD100 extenders with a few bug fixes

Many other feature additions and bug fixes across the entire SageTV family.  This is an early version of 6.5 so I'm sure there is plenty more to come on future Fridays :)

Read the entire, detailed release notes and get your downloads from the SageTV Forums