Monday, November 24, 2008

Dish Network Satellite Tuners Coming to Windows 7 Media Center?

Some of us may have missed it, but when EngadgetHD was visiting the Microsoft eHome offices in Redmond, WA they got a snapshot of a Dish Network Menu Item on a Windows 7 Media Center Interface.

We all know that Microsoft is working with DirecTV with their long-overdue satellite tuners for Media Center, but its been a little less known that Dish Network might get in on the Media Center action as well.

From the EngadgetHD post:
"But this here tuner wasn't the only thing we saw, as there were even a few indications that DISH Network was being tested as well, and while we did see DISH multi-switches and a DISH TV screen up on a Media Center PC, we didn't see any specific DISH equipment connected to Media Center. This could mean the tuners are internal or maybe the tuners were just cleared out before we came through. More pictures of the HDPC-20 in action after the jump."

Check that EngadgetHD post over one more time and be sure and look at the photos they took of the eHome offices.  Some pretty cool electronic setups going on there for sure.