Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Handbrake Media Converter Gets Major Update

Download it now.

My favorite media converter, Handbrake (Read how to rip a dvd for PC/iPod with Handbrake) has been updated to version 0.9.3.  The new version includes some significant improvements and features that make this a must-download, free application.

Changes for Handbrake 0.9.3 include:

  • Convert from all video types (not just DVDs)

  • Improved video quality - uses latest H.264 encoding library improvements.  Significant picture quality improvements and speed optimizations

  • More Control over multiple audio tracks

  • Better organized presets (you'll just have to try this, but it looks much easier and nicer then past versions)

  • Audio/video synchronization improved (fewer lip-sync issues)

  • Linux graphical user interface

  • Multi-threaded deinterlacing (use those extra cores for those of you with dual-core or quad-core processors)

  • Many other improvements to all interfaces

The one bad thing about this update is they have removed the internal DVD decryption.  This was obviously done to keep them out of trouble with the anti-decryption police.  If you use Mac, just install VLC 0.9 x and you won't notice the difference.  If you're on Linux you can just install a library (read more at the handbrake forums) and if you're on Windows....  I don't see any fix for windows so I'm wondering if you would have to decrypt before using this tool which would make me very sad.

This update applies to  all versions (OSx, Windows 2000/XP, Linux)

Read more and get the download from Handbrake

via Macworld