Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TVTonic for Media Center Shutting Down Service - For Now

One of the more popular Media Center applications, TVTonic is shuttering their service for the time being while they "restructure for the future."

Not a good sign for the folks at TVTonic (or the company that runs the service, Waveexpress.)  There will be several dissapointed Media Center users out there.

TVTonic got a good deal of press during the Olympics this past year as NBC provided TVTonic downloadable content from the Olymipcs.  It's basically a way for the HTPC user to get online content to their TV via the 10-foot remote control interface.  They offered a good deal of HD content and included many podcasts and RSS feeds all organized in a nice UI.

Here's the original post by the President of Wavexpress (TVTonic):

In these tough financial times we are faced with the need to take down the TVTonic service while we restructure for the future.

Although the service is being retired, you’re free to continue to use TVTonic to download and watch your favorite RSS video channels.

If you’d like to uninstall, directions to do so can be found here.

Please check back for news at a later date. Thanks for all your support.

Michael Sprague
President, Wavexpress

You can read the original post at the TVTonic website.

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