Sunday, November 02, 2008

GBPVR Gets New Version 1.3.7

The developer of GBPVR has been hard at work updating the free, HTPC software GB-PVR and this weekend released the latest version of the software GBPVR 1.3.7
                    Screen-shot of the new GB-PVR “slick” Skin
  • New UI Skin settings allowing easier customization to make the nice-looking user interface just the way you want it
  • New skinning support for specifying the number of buttons to show, and offset between them, and background mask, in the horizontal menu.
  • Includes a new “experimental” skin called slick.  It’s loosely based on the XBMC “Aeon” skin
  • Ability to record multiple channels from the same multiplex with the same digital card (only possible with the ‘TS Mux’ option.)
  • Ability to play ITV HD recordings
  • Internal TS reader updated to handle H.264+AC3 (AVCHD) streams generated by the latest HD-PVR firmware
  • Added PID filtering for the HDHomeRun to improve network efficiency
  • Photo Library caching of thumbnails fixed
  • Netradio screen fixed
  • Improved handling of mp3 playback that were a problem in the past (mp3s with embedded album art)
  • Many other misc fixes
To go along with the new version of GBPVR, there's an updated version of the Web Admin program for GVPVR users as well.

For the full change log, more screenshots and the download link check out the announcement thread at the GBPVR forums