Tuesday, December 09, 2008

DirecTV on Media Center Suspended

Those Media Center users anticipating the DirecTV HDPC-20 tuner for Media Center are going to be VERY dissapointed.  DirecTV sent out an email stating
"DirecTV has suspended the development of the HDPC-20 tuner project that was designed to integrate DirecTV service into Windows Media Center after assessing the impact of missing the August 2008 release of Windows Media Center update and considering timing of the next release."
Further into the e-mail they state that both companies are "continuing to explore ways to integrate DirecTV service with Windows-based PCs in the future."   Just amazing to me that something that was so anticipated by Media Center users is so difficult to bring to market.

So I wonder if there's still a chance of the Dish Network PC tuner in Windows 7???

via EngadgetHD and Gearlog