Monday, December 15, 2008

TV On The Web – Webisodes Begin for Battlestar Galactica and Heroes and are both bringing us a little web content to hold us over during the Holiday TV break with some webisodes of “BattleStar Galactica” and “Heroes.”
Battlestar Galactica: Face of the Enemy
Are you going through withdrawal missing those “Battlestar Galactica” episodes?  Sitting on the edge of your chair for the final season that starts January 16th?  Well has something just for you:  Face of the Enemy, a series of 10 webisodes running twice a week from now through January 16, 2009.  I’ve taken a peek at the first two webisodes and can tell you Battlestar Galactica fans that this webisode series is worth a watch.  These first two episodes focus on Felix Gaeta trapped in a raptor with two pilots, a contruction guy and you guessed it – two Boomers.  Gaeta and Number 8 try to figure out who or what is killing the passengers inside their transport.  There’s a surprise about Gaeta that I won’t spoil for you as well.  These webisodes are quite short, but for fans of the show definitely worth watching.  Note that there is also an “enhanced” version you can watch with commentary like you can get with DVD extra features – nice touch.

Heroes: The Recruit
 HeroesTheRecruit is also launching a “Heroes” webisode series today.  This one called “The Recruit” starring Taylor Cole as a Marine who along with 50 others was recruited by Arthur Petrelli’s “Pineheart Pinhearst” organization to test his newly created powers serum.  Here’s a preview of the new Heroes: The Recruit Webisodes: