Saturday, February 14, 2009

Find The Best Prices on Hard Drives

Most media gadget junkies like myself consume a lot of data and many of us store a bunch as well.  Thankfully, prices for hard drive storage continue to plummet so that your average internal hard drive is pretty darn cheap.  Because hard drives are an integral part of your home media setup these days, I’ve monitored prices and deals for internal SATA drives each week. 

Starting today, I’ll be sharing these deals with you each week over at my very-young, brother site GeekTonic Deals.

Internal SATA Hard Drives

I’m starting this series with the 1TB drives.  Yes, the 2TB is available, but a bit too high on the price-per-gigabyte for me.  The 1TB is near the perfect size and price—per-gigabyte.  This week, the best deal is for the Hitachi 1TB SATA drive which just happens to be available for $85 after mail-in-rebate or $87.99 at NewEgg if you don’t want to mess with those mail-in-rebates.

Check out the Best Prices for 1TB Hard Drives at GeekTonicDeals!


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