Thursday, February 12, 2009

iTunes Getting Replay Video On Demand to Compete with Netflix?

iTunes There are rumors cropping up that Apple is preparing to add a Video On-Demand type service to iTunes 8 that would allow iTunes users to access and stream their iTunes video purchases directly from Apple's servers at any time.  If true, this would arguably be a move to compete more directly with the Netflix streaming service.

The original story broke at AppleInsider and was later "confirmed" by an undisclosed source at CNET.  The service would purportedly be called iTunes Replay.  If they pull this off without ticking off the content providers I can see this as a direct salvo to Netflix & Amazon Unbox and their streaming services.  The one problem with this would be the fact that Apple only has one "real" extender device usable at the Television set - the AppleTV.  I know there are those that consider the AppleTV fine for what they need, but I have to wonder whether this is another sign that Apple wants to step up their "hobby" they call the AppleTV and take it to the next level.

What do you think?