Tuesday, May 05, 2009

SageTV HD100 Extender Gets Update

I reported this last week, but many might have missed the importance of the update.  SageTV last week released a firmware update for the older HD extender HD100.  The HD100 is no longer sold, but there are many boxes out there.  This latest update includes some features that many SageTV HD200 owners have been enjoying, but HD100 owners couldn't get.

A few of the more interesting updates for the older HD100 include:

  • Improved playback for blu-ray rips and blu-ray drive playback
  • DVB-T Playback
  • Most core updates for the HD200 that the hardware will allow

HD100 limitations vs. HD200 capabilities using the latest firmware include:

  • does not support placeshifter login caching
  • does not support BluRay subtitles
  • does not support WMAPro audio
  • not all embedded/external VobSub subtitles are positioned properly

It's nice to see SageTV continue to support and update their older hardware even while they are selling a new, improved model.

Read more about the HD100 firmware update at the SageTV forums