Wednesday, July 22, 2009

GreenButton Forums Gets a Makeover

The official Windows Media Center forums website, GreenButton received a long overdue makeover yesterday.  Greenbutton has been a go-to place for Media Center users for a long time and just recently was purchased by Microsoft.  Yesterday they did an update to the forums that includes a “feedback” link, a new look, improved speed and other nice forum features.

Here’s the official message about the update on GreenButton:

Thank you all for your patience during our migration process today. We are happy to welcome you to the new community website. We all hope you enjoy the new look, features, and speed of the site. We know this has been anticipated for quite some time and apologize for the delay in getting it to you.

Make sure to check out the new "Feedback" link for those of you looking to submit data quality issues. This is yet another step on our part to help us communicate with our customers to try and make our services and product even better.

A quick note regarding search, I wanted to point out that the community is indexing the posts and this may take some time to complete. In the meantime, the search results may not be quite what you're expecting, but hopefully once the indexing is complete you'll find a better experience.

If you find yourself having an issue with the site, or simply have feedback you'd like to share, please send mail to:

A screenshot of the forums is below:

Check out the updated forums here