Monday, July 20, 2009

MeediOS Gets External Player Support with PlayMini

The MeediOS team continues to work on the new, MeediOS (successor to Meedio) program and up to now, users could really only use MeediOS in its current for for testing and continued developing.  But today a new external player plugin called PlayMini was released that allows you to run different external players for media.  This won’t be super-exciting news for non-Meedio users (yet), but it will definitely be welcomed by Meedio and MeediOS users.

MeediOS PlayMini

To avoid confusion, here’s a rundown of Meedio vs. MeediOS


    • Meedio = older, full-featured HTPC program based on the classic HTPC software we knew as Meedio.
    • MeediOS = new, still-in-alpha HTPC program being developed as the replacement for Meedio.

The PlayMini plugin is a “mini” replacement for Playmee, known to Meedio users as a very valuable plugin.  It’s not intended as a full-blown, feature-packed plugin yet.  For now it allows Meedio fans to use MeediOS to watch videos with their favorite player instead of having to switch back to the older program, Meedio.

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