Saturday, August 29, 2009

GB-PVR HTPC Software Updates to 1.4.7

The developer of GBPVR has been hard at work updating the free, HTPC software GB-PVR and this weekend released the latest version of the software GBPVR 1.4.7

As far as appearances go, things haven’t changed much with this new version, but as the developer says:

There is a lot behind the scene stuff that'll be useful to a lot of people (for example, CI support, Windows 7 compatibility, scanning improvements etc).

New Features and Improvements Include:

  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7
  • Added CI support for watching DVB pay TV channels outside of North America. Devices supported include Hauppauge WinTV-CI, and CI capable devices from Twinhan, FireDTV and TechnoTrend. You can enable CI support on a per capture source basis, using the new 'common interface' checkbox in the digital capture source settings.
  • added support for DolbyDigital+ audio (also known as E-AC3). This audio format is starting to be used with channels in a few countries (France, Israel etc).
  • Added logic to auto correct the tuning request of any already mapped channels at the end of each scan. Basically if your broadcaster had changed any audio/video pids, you can go into the config app and hit the 'rescan' button, then any channel mappings that match the same frequency and program number will be automatically updated to have the correct PIDs/PMT/PCR etc.
  • QAM users can now choose to use HRC cable frequencies if they needed.
  • At the end of a QAM scan it will ask the user for permission to query the Internet for additional channel information (ie channel names). This query uses the SiliconDust web API. Thank you SiliconDust (the HDHomeRun manufacturer) for offering the use of this service.
  • Added ability to schedule to watch a future show. In TV Guide, press play on a show in the future and it'll highlight blue. App will start live tv and switch to that channel at the specified time. Pretty basic, no popup reminders on the screen.
  • Many PopcornHour improvements to support changes Martin has been making to mvpmcx2. (already made available via patches)
  • Radio stations now included in the digital scan results
  • DVB-S2 now available on Hauppauge devices
  • DVB Subtitles now working again for live preview tv. When you're using the TS Mux it'll also work for timeshift mode tv, and for playback of recordings.
  • Updated channel digital channel scanning screen. Showing details about the selected channel.

Details about many other updates as well as the download and instructions can be found at the GB-PVR Forums