Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Windows 7 Commercial Skipping – with DVRMSToolbox & ShowAnalyzer

Easy one-button Commercial Skipping is one of the great features of Home Theater PCs and Windows 7 has that capability too.  Check out this how-to from from Hacking Windows 7 Media Center by Michael Healy
Now that ShowAnalyzer has support for WTV just how do we get this setup to skip commercials for us automatically in Windows 7 Media Center? The solution is actually surprisingly simple. Before we get started have a look at our guide to installing ShowAnalyzer and we’ll cover more of the options for setting it up to work with DVRMSToolbox in this article. Once we’re done we’ll have a virtually hand free solution to skipping commercials in Windows 7 Media Center.
To get started we need to have ShowAnalyzer installed as well as DVRMSToolbox and the Windows 7 Media Center Addin. Be sure to download and install the latest version of DVRMSToolbox as well as the 7MC adding as it’s not included in the package by default. Once you’ve got all three installed let’s get started configuring each program.
dvrmstoolbox analyzer
Start by opening DVRMSToolbox’s DVRMSToMPEGSettings and on the first tab set your preferred Analyzer to SAV1 for ShowAnalyzer (version 1). Then switch to the MC Addin tab and make sure that the Commercial Skip option is enabled.
MC Addin
Finally, under the Commercial Skip tab make a note of the Commercial Path so we can setup ShowAnalyzer to use the same path when saving it’s commercial XML files.
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Catch more of Michael's reflections on Windows 7 Media Center at Hack7MC.  I’ve followed Michael’s articles for quite a while now and am pleased that Michael has agreed to contribute some of his excellent Windows 7 Media Center articles to GeekTonic for the next few weeks.