Thursday, September 03, 2009

Digital Everywhere-Maker of Popular Intl TV Tuners Closes Shop

Austrian TV tuner maker “Digital Everywhere” announced today that they are closing permanently.  Digital Everywhere was the manufacturer of the Digital TV receiver and FireeDTV FloppyDTV – all very popular tuner devices outside of the U.S.


From the Digital Everywhere Forums:

Dear customers,
after several months struggling with very low sales figures, digital everywhere decided to stop its activities.
Manufacturing of products has been stopped and support has been reduced to the minimum.
digital everywhere wants to thanks all its customers and all the users which with their efforts and feedback greatly help in continuosly improving the FireDTV / FloppyDTV.
Hopefully this is only a goodbye.

According to, Digital Everywhere will honor warranties for existing devices sold going forward though.

According to a post on the MediaPortal blog, the company is looking into any possible avenue to keep the floppyDTV and FireDTV devices on the market

While this doesn’t directly affect us in North America, it’s still a very disappointing development in the HTPC world – remember, the fewer HTPC users worldwide there are the less reason for companies to focus on HTPCs.  Hopefully someone will fill the gap created by the loss of Digital Everywhere.

via Digital Everywhere Forums