Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Review of Via NSD-7800 Windows Home Server

VIA NSD-7800 8-Drive NAS Storage Solution

MissingRemote has a nice review of an intriguing Windows Home Server computer – the VIA NSD-7800 8-Bay WHS Solution.  Windows Home Server has really taken off as an easy, yet powerful solution.  HTPC users are adopting WHS as a viable solution for storing and serving their media as well.

Here’s a preview of the review on MissingRemote:

The popularity of Windows Home Server as a viable NAS competitor has spawned a number of solutions from HP and Acer, to name a few. Equally as popular however, has been the desire for enthusiasts to roll out and build their very own WHS Server boxes as well. The main restriction with the majority of these cases and available OEM solutions was the limit of four internal hard drives. VIA is tossing their hat into the ring with an 8-Drive bay chassis that comes as a barebones solution. With little effort this chassis can be come your new WHS box holding just under 16 terabytes in a very small form factor.

Excerpt from the review:

However, for enthusiasts it would be hard to ask for more. The system is compact yet one of the largest storage chassis I have seen that does NOT require a rack. Most of us geeks have hard drives lying around anyways so the lack of any storage simply means you can configure the system with the drives you want right from the get-go.

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