Monday, October 26, 2009

GlideTV Remote Control Gets Reviewed at ZNF

GlideTV 2

My friend Dave Zatz has been using the very unique GlideTV device for a few days now and has his hands-on review of the GlideTV – sort of a remote control/touchpad device for controlling your HTPC, computer or gaming device.  Here’s what Dave had to say about the GlideTV:

“First off,  I experienced none of the touchpad lag or jerkiness I’ve previously encountered using similar solutions such as the Zeevee box remote.”

Did Dave like the GlideTV?  Here’s a hint:

Without a doubt, this is the best remote touchpad I’ve used.

But it wasn’t all roses.  I still can’t wait to try this one – it’s a little pricey, but I’m a sucker for cool gadgets like this…  You can use it to control about anything on a PC but it also controls HTPC programs like Boxee, Front Row, and SageTV without using any GlideTV software at all.  Speaking of SageTV, GlideTV has a little SageTV influence at the company with Mike Machado doing a little work for them alongside his job at SageTV – so the HTPC focus with GlideTV is definitely there.


Read Dave’s full hands-on review at ZatzNotFunny! for his full take – it’s a must read especially for HTPC enthusiasts.