Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TV Update – November Sweeps

Fall TV is supposed to heat up around this time of the year with the month of November bringing us the traditional “sweeps” period.  So it seems like a good time to check the pulse (if there is any) on a few notable TV shows.  Here’s my take:

  • Dollhouse – for me this season of Dollhouse has been the biggest disappointment.  The last several episodes of the first Dollhouse season gave me some hope but this season has been nothing short of awful.  I’ve removed this one from my favorites list although it probably won’t matter as Fox has removed it from their listings for the sweeps month of November.  December will start with a double-episode of this series, but I expect it to be finished forever after 2009.
  • Fringe – I still like this one, but the writers likely have put themselves on the watch list with a storyline that sort of “jumped the shark” if that’s possible with a sci-fi series like this one.  I still have faith it will survive and be renewed though.
  • The Forgotten – This show was obviously forgotten by the TV audience as it’s never picked up decent ratings from day one.  I expect it to be cancelled
  • Hank – the ratings have been poor and I expect it to be canceled
  • The Middle – This ABC Comedy has a chance, but it’s on the edge.
  • Melrose Place – CW thought Melrose Place would do well, but its ratings have been terrible just like the show itself.  It will get cancelled.
  • Brothers – Fox pulled this awful sitcom from its November lineup as well and moved it to Sundays.  I’m honestly shocked it hasn’t been just cancelled – it’s that bad.
  • Ugly Betty – ABC has had this one on life support.  While its one of my wife’s favorites, it seems to have lost its luster and I predict it will be canceled after this season.
  • Castle – one of my wife’s favorites, this one does fairly well (not great) in the ratings and should make it to renewal.
  • Til Death – this is the third Fox show getting pulled from the November lineup.  This one gets a 4-episode airing just before Christmas while nobody is watching.  It’s as good as dead.
  • Lie to Me – This one is doing okay and is really a quality show for the genre.  It will survive and get renewed.
  • Glee – A fun show that is doing quite well.  Definitely will get renewed.
  • Three Rivers – CBS shows seem to be doing okay for the most part, but Three Rivers has never found an audience.  Expect to see this one cancelled.
  • NBC Shows in General – NBC as a network has consistently had very poor ratings with shows such as Law and Order, Mercy, Trauma, and Parks & Recreation all done terrible in the ratings.  Each of those shows are likely to be cancelled by the end of the season.  Community has a good chance and compared to their lesser shows .  Heroes, The Office and 30 Rock look to survive just because NBC has nothing else.
  • Flash Forward and Modern Family – both have done pretty well and I’ve been watching both.  I worry that Flash Forward is getting less interesting instead of the other way around though.
  • White Collar – If you haven’t seen the premiere of this one yet, check it out on Hulu or Amazon VOD.  It’s good and my favorite new show so far this season.


That’s my take after pouring through the TV ratings.  I’ve watched less TV this season compared to the last few just because my time has been filled with other pursuits, but I do keep up with shows like:

  • The Office
  • Fringe
  • Flash Forward
  • Heroes
  • Glee
  • White Collar

What do you think?  Are you following any new shows this season?  Anything you hated/loved/expect to be cancelled?