Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar is a Must See Movie – Good Story Spectacular Effects Make it Amazing

Okay, I was pretty skeptical about a movie so hyped and expensive as Avatar was.  Even my teenage daughter (a huge movie buff) was saying Avatar could end up like Waterworld with it’s over-priced cost to make and full of hype in the news.  I had seen the previews for Avatar in theaters which left me curious, but unsure of how it would turn out. 

Well yesterday I took my daughter to see Avatar on a “IMAX” screen in 3D and after watching the long spectacle I can sum it up in a few words: This movie was spectacular!

Planet Avatar

There, I’ve added to the hype.  Both my daughter and I left the theater completely amazed with what we had just experienced.  The story was good – it kept our interest throughout without many (if any) dull points.  And the effects were simply amazing.  The 3D technology really is something special when they put the amount of detail and work that obviously went into this movie.  I have to agree with Gizmodo’s review of Avatar which said

Avatar Review: Yes, It Changed Everything After All


If you haven’t seen it yet, skip the reviews.  Just go see it and decide for yourself.  If you’re still not sure, try checking out what others who have seen it are saying on twitter.  Here’s a few choice comments from twitter I picked up.  I’m pretty sure you can do a search for Avatar on twitter and see similar comments as well

Avatar lives up to the hype! Go see it!!!!

Avatar was a great movie! Its snowing so I'm happy!! :)

Best description I've heard yet of Avatar's planet Pandora and its wildlife: "Like the discovery channel on acid"

If the devil is in the details, Avatar is impressive because it gets a so many of them right. It successfully creates an entire world.

If you have seen the movie already, check out DVice’s picks for the best 3D moments of Avatar – I mostly agree with them.  And also check out Popular Mechanics “behind the scenes” of how they used 3D technology to make the movie

The next question will be, does this somehow make us all want 3D TV screens in one room of our homes some day soon?  I’m still not sure about that.  But I’m pretty sure movies like this will make studios pay attention and discover something that makes audiences want to see movies at theaters again.